i'm still not sure where the line of photographer ends and voyeur begins, but i'm balancing on it consistently. photography is a strange place to find yourself as a creator. finding ways to convey privacy in something so literal is challenging at worst, but intoxicating when achieved. 

because of the literal attributes of this medium it is easy to feel isolated. it is much harder for one to put themselves into another’s work when there is less room for interpretation. but imagery, when honest, is unforgiving in a way that is uncomfortably alluring to me. my work focuses on making the viewer feel at home in that arduous space. 

there is power in capturing vulnerability. one that as a female bodied person, is not a position I find myself in often. the camera gives me the ability to turn around the lens, to pursue my pursuers, and to flip the rolls. for once i am taking what is not mine. and doing so unapologetically.





  • 823 - thinking of you, incline gallery, San Francisco, ca
  • group show, book and job gallery, san Francisco, ca


  • art on the wall, artx, Long Beach, ca
  • not ur baby, Oakland terminal, Oakland, ca
  • broke af, house show, long beach, ca
  • global women's rights forum, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, ca


  • 2018 illetante volume 3
  • 2017 823 - thinking of you, strange ways magazine, issue 6